What makes Elon Musk? DBT!

Some of you might have heard him on his TED talk (http://www.ted.com/talks/elon_musk_the_mind_behind_tesla_spacex_solarcity.html).

The interviewer has a theory for what makes Elon Musk tick (watch the very end of the video). Elon goes about solving grand problems in style- through systems thinking.

Elon happens when you synthesize Design Thinking, Technology and  savvy Business principles into one “DBT” package and feel so damn confident in yourself that you take crazy risks- that’s his only way to succeed again and again. How about that for a good secret sauce to success in life?

Well, Elon also points about that there is this another oft neglected angle to life. Science. Physics in particular for him. To disrupt status quo, he wants you to start with fundamental physical truths and work your way up from there. As business schools will not tell you, reasoning from analogy will only take you so far in life (and with time, regurgitating boilerplate management stuff will probably make you sound stale). When you want to do something new and win, do DBT.

Also pay extra attention to negative feedback, particularly from friends and those who care.


~ by aratnam on August 12, 2013.

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